Questgion and ansewers

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Question 1

Which of these strategies is the best advice to podium speakers who are using slide presentations?

Question 1 options:

a) Use several different fonts and font sizes throughout the presentation

b) Present as much written material as possible on each slide

c) Vary the slide background from slide to slide

d) Change slides not less than every 30 seconds

Question 2

Which of the following areas is the least important to address when choosing a journal for a manuscript submission?

Question 2 options:

a) The readership profile of the journal

b) Whether the article will have an accompanying commentary

c) The lag time between manuscript acceptance and its publication

d) The average length of time it takes for peer review

Question 3 (1 point) Question 3 Unsaved

Poster presentations allow for more interaction between colleagues in the area of clinical

interest, enabling the sharing and learning that otherwise would not have been possible with a podium presentation.

Question 3 options:



Question 4

Factors that help determine the news value of research evidence include: (choose all that apply.)

Question 4 options:

a) Interest

b) Relevance

c) Title Length

d) Quotability

Question 5

Conference presentation materials can be converted into a manuscript for publication with additional effort. A good practice is for presenters to set a goal of turning a presentation into a presentation within

Question 5 options:

a) 90 days of presentation

b) 5 years of research being complete

c) 10 days of presentation

d) 2-3 years of project end

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