Qualitative Interview, Coding, Survey

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I have two assignments that I need help with them. I have added all the details below with all the materials in the attachments. Please find them and let me know if you need any clarification. Also, I added my notes that might be helpful.

The first assignment is: Code Qualitative data

– Create a coding scheme to detect meaning from the qualitative observation /interview tool

– Code, as necessary, or collate the acquired data

  1. Review Wolfer, 184-192, 207-210
  2. Submit: your perfected draft literature review of your chosen research problem/question.
  3. Review the comments/Revise your Qualitative Interview Guide as previously suggested.
  4. Read: Merriam & Tisdell (2016) Part 2, Chapter 5:107-136
  5. View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4UKwd0KExc (Links to an external site.)
  6. Then, View and Transcribe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnBX0ShbYxQ (Links to an external site.)
    7:06 running time. Closed captions available. Expect 45 min to transcribe
  7. Read: https://getthematic.com/insights/coding-qualitative-data/ (Links to an external site.)
  8. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYzhgMZii3o (Links to an external site.)
  9. Read: Merriam & Tisdell (2016) Part 3, Chapter 8, pp 195-236
  10. Code the transcription
  11. Read: Weston, C., Gandell, T., Beauchamp, J., McAlpine, L., Wiseman, C., and Beauchamp, C. (2001) Analyzing Interview Data: The Development and Evolution of a Coding System. Qualitative Sociology, (24:3)
  12. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRL4PF2u9XA (Links to an external site.)
  13. Extract Themes
  14. Submit: your transcript coding worksheet, and your thematic interpretation.

Qualitative Interview Process Tutorials

In the continued search to help you understand the objectives of Qualitative Research via Interviews, Coding, and Thematic Analysis, I present the first (Links to an external site.) in a series (please, look him up) from Dr. Kriukow on YouTube. (13:40 running time) Pay particular attention to the aspect of the Semi-structured and Unstructured interview. His presentations on transcription, coding, and extracting themes will be very helpful to you in this unit.


Assignment Question:

This assignment is meant to provide you with practice in techniques of Qualitative Interviews. View the video of an interview and transcribe that example.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnBX0ShbYxQ (Links to an external site.)
7:06 running time. Closed captions available. Expect 45 min to transcribe

Then code your transcript, and finally compose a list of identified themes. This is a safe exercise. It is the effort that will yield success.
If the references provided are insufficient, please find others that are meaningful for you, and cite those in you theme identification.

second assignment is: Qualitative Interview, Coding, Survey creation

  1. Conduct your Qualitative Interview for the educational experience of a family member or friend. Please de-identify the file (your name only).
  2. Transcribe the conversation as described in last week’s YouTube examples.
  3. Work on qualitative coding and theme extraction from your interview transcription
  4. Work on composing survey questions to confirm you thematic conclusions of the interview.
  5. Continue to work on your research proposal. I suggest you write your methodology component, the sampling plan of the population you richly describe.

Assignment Question:

Considering your research questions are very personal to you, I suggest you “test” your interview guide with a family member or friend. Repeat the practice of code generation and theme identification. Then, create, for the beginning of the week after the break, a survey seeking to confirm your findings from the interview. Once again, open-ended questions are preferred, though more narrowly focused than those of the interview guide. If you must choose closed-ended questions (multiple choice) assure that you allow a range of responses that do not bias the collected data (“other”, with a free text field)!

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