Public Health Emmergencies

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Public Health Emergencies

Review the pdf documents, “How Prepared are Americans for Public Health Emergencies: Twelve Communities Weigh In” at and “Emergency Preparedness from a Health Perspective: Preparing for Bioterrorism at the Federal, State and Local Levels,” by the National Health Policy Forum at

After reading the documents, answer the following questions:Compare and contrast best practices illustrated here for public health organizations. Which recommendations did you find particularly compelling? Were there any that struck you as over- or under-emphasized?Did you feel that the materials presented a blueprint for a comprehensive first response in the event of a public health emergency?Are there any alternatives that you feel should have been included in either or both documents? What didn’t the communities account for in terms of public health emergencies.

Your response should be at least 4 paragraphs. And make sure your references are in APA format.

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