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Write a short fictional example of a client interaction with a planner on a topical plan within one of the areas of financial planning. (Remember that a topical plan addresses a single area from general principles, investments, insurance, retirement, tax or estate planning. It is not a “comprehensive” financial plan.)

A successful paper will briefly present each step of the process from establishing relationship to monitoring on whatever topic is selected, following the “EGADIM” steps correctly in order: Establish, Gather, Analyze, Develop, Implement and Monitor.

Common language accessible to a retail client should be employed.

  • Fictional example of client/planner interaction written should follow the financial planning process of “EGADIM.” (Establish, Gather, Analyze, Develop, Implement and Monitor.)
  • Written example is for a topical rather than comprehensive plan. To the extent possible it should address the area of financial planning chosen such as an Investment or Insurance focused topical plan.
  • Language employed should be accessible to a retail client with minimal experience and for the purpose of this assignment able to be conveyed verbally without external charts, graphs or references.
  • Please only use 2 references used one time each

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