Psychology of Leadership

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Leadership Integration Paper (10 points):

A. Students will write a 4-6-page leadership integration paper. All specifications of All papers will be
written according to the formatting styles prescribed by the American Psychological Manual (6th
Edition) of the American Psychological Association. More detailed related information is available
under ‘APA Documentation’. The purpose of this paper is to help you synthesize and integrate the
concepts covered in the course.

B. You may choose one of the following options:
• A Leadership Biography- Select a well-known leader from history and read a biography on
his/her life. You will summarize the reading from a leadership perspective and in particular from
the perspective of charisma. Evaluate the extent to which s/he demonstrates the craft of
charisma and the implications of this for his / her leadership practice and your own leadership
o Ideally, you the student could include a mind map to illustrate leadership decisions /
challenges faced by this leader, how the leader demonstrated the traits associated with
charisma in their decision making process / communication in their handling of the
leadership challenge, and the implications / lessons learned from this for your own
leadership practice (e.g., does it work in some situations but not others, does it work in
some organizations better than others, is it is any area of development for you / why).
• A Leadership Reflection- Develop a comprehensive model for leadership. This model will
include the following elements: your definition of leadership as informed by materials from this
course; your personal reflections on leadership; an explanation of how your understanding of
leadership has matured throughout the semester; and your leadership goals
• A Reflected Best Self- This paper enables students to identify their unique strengths and talents
by requesting feedback from 4-5 significant people in your life and ask them to identify your
leadership strengths. Your paper will consist of a summary of this experience including an
explanation of what you discovered through this project.
Leadership 3393 (Winter 2020) 4
• Topical Focused Papers – Students can choose to selected any one of the topics below and
write a paper reflecting what has been covered in class.
• Who Makes A Better Leader: A Man Or A Woman?
• Every country has heroes and heroines. They may be political, religious or military
leaders, but they serve as moral leaders by whose examples we can follow in our quest
to live lives of excellence. Think about someone you know who shows moral leadership.
Now explain why this person should be regarded a moral leader.
• Servant Leadership
• Leadership in Public vs Private organizations
• Ethical Leadership- Myth or a Work in Progress
• Military Leadership and Robert D. Kaplan’s Warrior Politics: Why Leadership Demands a
Pagan Ethos
• Leadership in a University Setting
• Poor Followers or Poor Leaders – who do we blame?
• Whistle-blowing as a leadership example
• Ethical dilemmas in police leadership

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