Psych 4000 Academic Curriculum Vitae

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Prepare and submit your academic CV. A CV is not a resume. Here is a resource to help you get started:

Your CV as an undergraduate student is likely to be very short, perhaps even less than a page. That is ok for now.

Exemplary academic record and a passion to progress


Vicksburg community school

2013 graduated valedictorian

Captain of dance and cheerleading squad during high school

Overall award for dance

Award for leadership


Bachelor of Arts 2015 – graduated with honors


Leadership & Organizational Skills – Vice President (Fall 2013)

Leadership & Organizational Skills – President (spring 2014)

Leadership & Organizational Skills – President (fall 2014)

Honors Leadership & Skills – President (spring 2015)

The National Society of Leadership and Success – fall 2019

Honors and awards

Hinds community college

Presidents list – Fall 2014 – Fall 2015

Foundation scholarship Fall 2014- Fall 2015

Leadership Award 2015

Who’s who Award 2016

Baton Rouge community college

Presidents List – summer 2016

Louisiana State University at Shreveport

Presidents List – spring 2019

University of Louisiana at Monroe

Presidents List – Summer 2019

Volunteered and raised awareness for the local animal shelter, women’s and Children’s shelter, as well as the Heritage House of Vicksburg Nursing home during my time as Vice President and President of ASG at Hinds community college.

Certified in first aid and CPR, ACE certified personal trainer, Passion for health and fitness, love for being outdoors

*** include all that is necessary

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