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Consider the wider variety of clubs and organizations that seek public support and/or philanthropy in the name of cultural awareness, diversity, the environment, the arts and humanities, education, safety, science and research, disability, nutrition, disease, etc., Select an already existing (do not invent one) campus, local, state, national, or even international organization with which you are familiar and that you believe is deserving of support. Considering your audience, write a proposal urging a specific call to action in support of that particular organization.

Ultimately that call to action should constitute a commitment of time or money from your audience– that is, the audience is requested to join/get involved to aid the organization: to give blood, to volunteer at a neighborhood watch, to take part in a run or walk for a cause, or make a specific financial contribution (what will their contribution provide?) . Their support will ultimately benefit other people and provide a solution to a significant need in the community.

You might begin on the campus. Access:…(链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。. One good source for national organizations is the web site of the National Institute of Philanthropy at www. where you might also find out how funds are utilized.

Devise your organizational plan as follows (according to the Monroe Motivated Sequence)

I. Attention— Call attention to the situation. Why should this issue be of importance to your audience? (Resist the urge to announce your organization at the start!) Consider ethos and pathos as two possible approaches to employ.

II. Need— Show there is a need to be met. What problem exists to be solved?

III. Satisfaction— Establish how the need can be satisfied. How will your proposal solve that need?

IV. Visualization— Help your audience to see the changes that will result from their support. How will things be changed or improved?

V. Action— What kind of specific action by the audience is required to bring about the change?

This proposal will require some research, as you will need to develop evidence in the need, satisfaction, visualization aspects of the writing. Anticipate your audience’s reservations about your proposal and the practicality of your claim. (Will it cost too much money? Take too much time? Will the action even solve the problem?)

Consider that your request for time and/or money will be in competition for limited resources within your audience. How will you establish credibility and ultimately appeal to them that this organization is deserving over the many other organizations that vie for their support? The success of the proposal depends as much on your pitch as it does on the selection of a worthy organization.

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