project assignment about earth event 2 to 3 pages long

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Hello Please follow all the steps

You will hand in the project as a single document, preferably in PDF format. There is no length requirement, but keep it as short as you can. If you are over three pages, you’ve done too much!

Project Assignment:

A.) Pick one of these three natural events:

1.) The 2010 Haiti Earthquake

2.) The 2011 Tohoku tsunami in Japan

3.) The 2018 Kilauea eruption in Hawaii

B.) Based on lecture, reading, wikipedia or other research, summarize the main facts about the event you chose: what it was (several sentences, with quantitative statistics to describe size/extent/etc), where it occurred (place name, Google Earth screen grab of the general areas, lat/lon coordinates), why it occurred where it did (say something about what is going on inside the earth at this location), and how it affected the natural and human environment (several sentences of summary, with quantitive statistics to describe $/people/buildings/etc impacted).

C.) Find three online articles about these events. One must be from a major traditional news outlet (such as NPR, the BBC, the New York Times, etc.), one should be from a “soft news” site (like the National Enquirer, Huffington Post), and one should be from a science news site (like Discover, Scientific American, ScienceNews). List the three sources and provide links to them.

D.) Compare and contrast the perspective of each news story. In addition to any broad observations you make, be sure to answer the following questions:

Q1: What was the primary focus of each story, and how well do you think each story communicated its message?

Q2: What are the facts upon which all stories agree?

Q3: What is the most important fact provided by the science story that was overlooked by the other stories?

Q4: Based on your assessment of all three news stories, what made this event most newsworthy?

E.) Find and include a single picture that you think best embodies the story behind the natural event you chose. Include a brief caption, and explain why you think this photo is important.

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