Production Analysis Assignment

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I attended a theatre production of Marie Antoinette play. I have a few notes but not enough to do the assignment myself.

Write an essay in which you analyze one aspect of that production. In this essay, you will be relying on the performance rather than the written text as the basis for your argument and analysis. In other words, you won’t be offering an interpretation of a piece of dramatic literature, but rather you will be analyzing how a specific element of production was put to use in the production. You might, for instance, consider what lighting choices were made and how they added to or detracted from what you perceived to be the “message(s)” of the play. Or you might want to speculate about how the set design works with or against the predominant themes in the script. Other aspects that you might consider including are direction, costuming and makeup, sound, and acting.

you will submit your proposed thesis statement for your production analysis. Bring your thesis statement with you to class.

Please note that this assignment does not ask you to simply review the performance. Rather, you are being asked to take one aspect of the production and relate it to the whole. You might find it useful to do a little background research on the particular aspect of performance that you have isolated. For instance, if you choose to discuss the use of lighting, then you might want to check out several books on lighting to understand the basic terminology, functions, and uses of stage lighting. Also, be sure to take copious notes during (or shortly after) the performance. These notes will constitute the primary text under analysis for this assignment.

These essays should be four to five pages in length, and they will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: (1) clarity of writing, (2) argumentation skills, (3) ability to articulate and support a thesis statement, (4) ability to synthesize textual information with personal ideas, and (5) grammar, syntax, and so on.

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