problem solving application case essay

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Problem-Solving Application Case on page 118 in the textbook. (CASE IS ATTACHED, TEXTBOOK IS TOO LARGE TO UPLOAD BUT I CAN EMAIL IF NEEDED)

Apply the 3-Step Problem-Solving Approach to Organizational Behavior and write a response paper to the case integrating the course concepts from the course material through Chapter 3. (CHAPTER 1,2,3 POWER POINTS ATTACHED)

essay needs to include the following:

1. well organized paper within 1500 minimum word limit that includes a thesis statement and a conclusion

2. Integrates at least 3 organizational examples from personal experience in the discussion.

3. Represents a solid understanding and implementation of course material covered to date into the writing assignment.

4. Includes at least 3 peer reviewed references external to the article/book/or concept reacting to for the assignment

5. Use APA Style Guide for all citations

6. Complete Reference List

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