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Student Full Name


Leadership Report

Class/Training Name

This template provides a suggested report format. You are NOT required to adhere to this specific format. If using your own format, the following requirements must be met:

• Length: Min. 1 page – Max. 3 pages
• Font: Calibri, Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman – 12pt Body, 12 pt Headers, 14 pt Title • Line Spacing: 2.0” – No spacing before or after paragraphs.
• Margins: 1.25” on left margin and 1” elsewhere.

*Delete this box before submitting your report.*

Class/Training Summary

REPORT TITLE (Leadership Activity)

Provide a summary of key principles from the leadership course or formal training and mention the instructor. Summary should be no longer than one paragraph; you are permitted to use bullet points.

Definition of Leadership

Briefly explain the definition of leadership as it was characterized in your leadership class or formal training. This is where you could discuss the difference between leadership and a management (make sure your leadership activity is not just project management) Also, provide some personal commentary on your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

Description of Leadership Activity

Briefly describe the organization and the timeframe in which you experienced the leadership activity. Be specific in illustrating: 1) who you led, and 2) what your established goal was.

Leadership Skills in Practice
This is the bulk of your report. Provide specific examples of how you used the leadership

principles you learned through a class or formal training (summarized in the first section of this report) in the execution of your leadership activity.


Briefly summarize the results of using your leadership skills in the leadership activity that you described. Some questions you might answer: Where you successful and how do you know?

What could you have done differently to lead more effectively? How will you use these leadership skills in the future?


Must be correct and complete if used (not required, but don’t plagiarize!)

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