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THESE ESSAY ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOTJUST ASKING FOR A SUMMARY OF THE DOCUMENT, but rather an ANALYSIS of the article you choose and the primary sources the author uses to write the article. See the general instructions newspaper article source analysis for specific instructions and how this essay will be graded. Submit your essay to both Blackboard AND turnitin–as with the syllabus SLO upload assignment. You will not receive credit for your work unless you submit the essay file to BOTH Blackboard and turnitin. Remember that turnitin has a two-step process for submission–make sure you receive confirmation that it has been submitted. This assignment is due to Blackboard and turnitin by June 26 at 11:00 p.m. Ask the instructor if you are unsure of anything. If you are 6doing extra credit newspaper assignments you cannot write on the same article for these essay assignments. Choose an article that was published between June 15 and June 26, 2018 for this assignment. If you turned in the third extra credit assignment article, do not use the same article for this assignment.

The area of the world for this assignment’s article choice is Africa. NOT U.S. policy towards Africa and not U.S. refugees to the U.S. from Africa.

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