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Hello i need a good and positive comment related


this argument .A paragraph  with no more  90 words.

Idalmis Espinosa

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Re:Topic 1 DQ 1

Health may be outlined as the state at which the wellbeing of the social aspect, mental and the physical states are in good conditions. The social factors, economic factors, and political factors should well be placed for a healthy community to exist. A healthy community is made up of an environment that is safe physically and one that is clean. Having good social justice, peace and equity also make a community to be healthy as there will be no negative psychological effects to the communities (Gofin, 2011).Healthcare should be easily accessible, good learning environment and the basic needs of an economy should be well set for a healthy community to exist.

Great healthy communities are ones with enough schools, hospitals, good transportation network, and social places of relaxation .These are good examples of the healthy communities. Cities that have been able to do this are like New York, California, Baldwin Park among many others. The cities have tried their best to come up with a culture that regards to health for almost all the citizens. They engage with resourceful partners  to make sure that all the citizens do get access to the  health choices(Jackson,2012).Healthy communities have strong people with aged ones as they live long because of good conditions of life.

Making a community to keep to the healthy standards may not be an easy task as it may call for a lot. This may involve a process that will need  an approach that will maintain and improve the health conditions, having a good strategy that will be well developed and implemented(Gofin,2011).Health issues that are not to standard like poor sanitation, lack of enough schools will have to be improved and added. If there are few medical personnel they will have to be increased so that the ratio of a doctor to a patient is not too big.

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