Possession of Heroin

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Part 1:

  • Address the following in approximately 500 words:
    • Shane White has decided to enter a guilty plea for possession of heroin. Go to the State of Michigan sentencing guidelines manual and determine what sentence the judge may impose. Consider the following:
      • There was 17.2 grams of heroin seized.
      • He entered a guilty plea.
      • He was cooperative.
      • He has 1 prior misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana. He was sentenced to probation for 6 months with successful completion. This was 12 years prior to the current offense.
      • He has failed several stints in treatment rehabilitation facilities for drug use.
    • Fully justify your rationale and support all of your arguments with academic or scholarly resources.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Part 2:

  • Address the following in 250–500 words:
    • The judge has asked the probation department to develop a presentence investigation report in addition to using the sentencing guidelines.
      • What is the purpose and functions of presentence reports? Explain in detail.
      • What is included in reports? Explain.
      • Do you think they are valuable to the sentencing system? Why or why not?
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style

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