policy paper in criminal justice and corrections

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This paper shall identify and focus on a significant correctional or criminal justice issue, challenge, problem or policy and based on your review of relevant literature suggest improved, alternative, or enhanced policy.

The paper should meet the following guidelines and expectations:

1. Identify, describe, and fully develop the identified issue and why it is critical to address from a public safety perspective

2. Analyze, discuss, and cite the scientific literature regarding your topic and potential implications. Discuss the different correctional theory applications within your issue and policy recommendations.

3. Formulate and present your policy recommendations supported by evidence drawn from applicable research within the correctional field.

4. Structurally the paper will meet the following requirements:

a. Length of paper will be at least 10 pages, not including title pages and references

b. Font size will not be greater than 12 point

c. Meet APA formatting

d. Organization, level of content, development, grammar and spelling, and formatting should reflect graduate level scholarship.

5. Identified topic and outline of paper is to be submitted by Week 2 (worth 20 points) and your final paper is due by Week 4 (worth 100 points). The paper must be submitted through the course site, no e-mailed papers will be accepted.

I’ve done the Topic and Outline already. This is for Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Texas. All research or statistics should be based off of Texas.

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