Policy Evaluation and Product Identification Discussion and Responses

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There is a relationship between policy evaluation and production identification, policy evaluation and policy implement, and policy evaluation and policy formulation.  Can you explain this relationship and why they are important?


I  need replies for below two discussions:Discussion 1:            Policies are established by the business owners to set forth the guiding principles and rules for a company or organization. They are designed to help an organization build the company culture that will effectively meet goals or objectives. Policies for any organization must be both effective and relevant to the company, the employees and the time period. For policy implementation, the policies must be implemented with a positive impact on the organization’s labor force. Before the policy is implemented, it is designed by the company leadership or assigned policy team to meet specific standards in the market place or desired standards within the company. Policy evaluation looks at why the policy was adopted in the first place and determines if it is success or failure. If the data used to create the policy in the first place is incorrect, then even a well implemented program will fail. This is called formulative evaluation where the policy is reviewed and accomplishes the intended purpose. Any organization cannot fully evaluate the impact of the new policies until after the implementation of the new policies. Policy implementation is the fourth phase of the policy cycle in which adopted policies are put into effect. Policies must be evaluated once in place, but still tend to become entrenched over time and often do not receive any kind of evaluation.Reference:Li, J. (2017). Educational Policy Development in China for the 21st Century: Rationality and Challenges in a Globalizing Age. Chinese Education & Society, 50(3), 133–141. http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true…Discussion 2:The relationship between policy evaluation and production identification            Policy evaluation refers to the process of examining the content, context, implementation, and impact of a given policy in an organization. As per Hill (2014), this process helps the entity understand the usefulness, efficiency, effectiveness, and whether the policy will aid in attaining the objective of the entity. Production identification encompasses vast procedures like product traceability, brand protection, and labeling, all of which aim at uniquely identifying a product and ensuring that good quality is achieved out of the production process. Production identification is beneficial to an entity’s business operations because; it enables suppliers to improve their visibility of products supplied and for retailers to improve on category management. These two are related in the sense that various policies can be adopted during production identification. These policies should be evaluated to ascertain if they are viable and help achieve the objective.The relationship between policy evaluation and policy implementationPolicy implementation refers to the realization of an application or execution of a given policy. This is the actual translation of the written down policies and procedures into actions. Policy implementation is related to policy evaluation. As one carries out implementation, which is the practical application of the policies, these steps are often checked against some set standard. The checking of these plans at each stage is important to determine the following steps’ success, especially when the two are related.  The relationship between policy evaluation and policy formulationPolicy formulation refers to developing or coining an effective, goal-driven, and generally-accepted course of action for a given task in an entity. Usually, policy formulation is procedural as a policy that will be accepted has to be deliberated on, tested, and proved to work. Policy evaluation can come at either earlier or later stages. Policy evaluation at earlier stages will assess a proposed policy’s practicability, while evaluation at later stages will evaluate a policy after its application (Clever, 2008).                                       ReferencesClever Madimutsa. (2008 June). The Policy Formulation Process. [Online] Available at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/336927323_The_Policy_Formulation_ProcessHill, M. (2014). The policy process: A reader. Routledge. [Online] Available at https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=QN4FBAAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PP1&dq=+policy+process&ots=D8gzCKzoi4&sig=PoEVPs9JMsqv6NZuopCQjhlGMbc

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