please read th following and complete

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attached is a worksheet. please read the questions carefully and answer. it is a very straight forward assigment. the answers should be short answers. total word count for entire assigment should be no more then 500 words

Read “Authentication Projects for Historical Fiction: Do You Believe It?” by McTigue & Thornton, from Reading Teacher (2013).…

Visit the following author website for additional information about other works of historical fiction:


Respond to the questions below in 250-500 words. Use the McTigue article and the listed website to help you shape your responses. Be sure to cite words or ideas from these articles that you incorporate into your responses.

McTigue, Thornton, & Wiese (2013), in writing about historical fiction, state that “teachers have the unique responsibility for introducing this genre in a manner that helps students untangle the fact and fiction.” On page 497, they discuss “rebels or reality.” How might their discussion of how writers of historical fiction may impose contemporary values on a historical time period be supported based on what you know about Code name Verity and Fever 1793? Based on what you know about the books and time period, do the character depictions seem realistic? How would you identify whether or not the character depiction is realistic for the time period?

Though the authors focus on K-6 students in this article, the premise of authentication projects can be expanded to other grade levels. What is the value of an authentication project for junior and senior high school students reading young adult historical fiction? From a curricular perspective, why might a teacher assign such a project? What connections might a student make from completing such a project? What resources must you provide a student to complete an authentication project?

GCU style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a scoring guide. Review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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