please answers these questions for Hist 100

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please follow the instructions below and do reply to students please

Share a Paragraph for Essays and Reflections III

88 unread replies.88 replies.

In this forum you will share one or two paragraphs on a topic you are covering for Essays and Reflections III. This forum is designed to help you out while you are working on the essays, and get people sharing ideas.

1. Think about what you will cover in your essay and start working on the essay. Plan out the paragraphs you will use in the essay (and pictures, if applicable).

2. When you are half done or mostly done with the essay, choose one or two paragraphs you have written that you would like to share. (Please do not share something that you shared in another discussion forum.)

3. Start a thread where you will share your writing. Give your thread a title that says your name and what you are writing about. For example, it could be “Bob–Zuni Oral Traditions (using supplemental book)” or “Debra–Silk Roads in Central Asia” or “Sally–Maritime Trading (picture interpretation).” Notice in each of these examples it is clear what sort of topic they are covering and what kind of material they are using.

4. Introduce your sample with a few sentences so that students will know what they are reading and where it is likely to fit in an essay. Include page numbers or other clues to help people find information relevant to what you are writing about. You might also mention why you chose the topic or perhaps mention what kind of feedback you are hoping to get. For example, you might say “I find the interactions in the Indian Ocean especially fascinating” or “Please let me know if this paragraph is clear and not too wordy.”

5. Include your sample (one or two paragraphs). You might want to include the sample as an attachment or you can simply type it into the box right after your brief note (see previous step).

6. Respond to at least two other people. Address them by name and give them specific feedback. Please make sure you mention specific things you see in their writing. You might mention something they shared that you would not have realized, or perhaps ask them a question to help clarify what they are writing about. Please plan to write about four or five sentences for each response.

Alternative: If you find there are a lot of good samples, and you are not sure you want to start your own thread, you could actually get all the points you need by responding to other people. If you do not start your own thread, please respond to more students and give them some especially helpful comments.

This forum is worth 20 points, but you can get up to 30 points if you respond to several people and do an especially good job. You get ten points for sharing a sample if you follow the steps. You also get about five points for each especially helpful or meaningful response you give to another student (plan for about four or five thoughtful sentences for each response).

Please share a paragraph, or start responding to people, by the end of Week 5. The sooner you share a sample, the more likely it is that you will generate a lot of discussion. The forum will be open to following Monday to give you additional time for responses.

Societies in the Americas and Pacific Islands (Chapter 10)

2626 unread replies.2626 replies.

In this forum we will discuss the societies and networks in Chapter 10. The chapter covers developments from about 300-1200 CE in four distinct regions: Mesoamerica (central and southern Mexico, and most of today’s countries in Central America), North America (north of central Mexico), the Andean region in South America, and Pacific Islands. Notice each area has its own history, though in some cases the regions are interconnected.

When you discuss the material, please make sure you are specific to the time period covered in Chapter 10. You could also relate your observations to earlier developments we learned about in Chapter 7. Please make sure other students know what material you are using from our reading.

Please do two things in this forum:

1) Please share a short paragraph about one of the key items you see in Chapter 10, emphasizing how that person, event, trend, or concept is important to the era. Please use material on the reading handout or special features you find in the chapters. You may also share material from our supplemental book, Sources for World in the Making. Give your thread a short title, such as “Temples of Teotihuacán” or “Tunic from Tiwanaku”. Please make sure you discuss how the item relates to trends or concepts in the chapter. You might also include a picture or a link. I encourage students to share material from websites, if you see a strong connection to our reading.

2) Please respond to at least two other students. Add information to what the student shared, or relate their key item to something else you learned. For example, if they wrote about Maya cities, you could write about cities in another region that might make a good comparison. The key thing is to build on what the other person is saying.

This forum is worth 15 points, but you can get up to 20 points if you put a lot of energy into your sharing and do extra responses.

Please share something in the forum by March 12 The forum will be open at least through the following Monday to allow plenty of time for responses to other students.

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