Please answer the following questions. You will need to read the chapter(s) to adequately answer these questions

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You need to read 8 files that I attached first and then please answer follow questions.

Answers are expected to be written in full sentences and be thoughtful.

You are to type your responses underneath each question in this document. Please make sure there is a space between the question, your response, and the next question.

you don’t need to write cover page for this assignment.

before answering the question, please read carefully all of the 8 files.

just need short two or three paragraphs for each question.

thank you

Please answer the following questions completely.

Question 1 (10 points) (Chapter 5)

Which type of research would be most appropriate in the following situations, and why?

a. A fast food restaurant wants to investigate the effect that children have on the purchase of its products.

b. A business hotel wants to gather some preliminary information on how business travelers feel about the menu variety, food, and service in its restaurants.

c. A casual restaurant is considering locating a new outlet in a fast-growing suburb.

d. A fast food restaurant wants to test the effect of two new advertising themes for its roast beef sandwich sales in two cities.

e. The director of tourism for your state wants to know how to use her promotion dollars effectively.

Question 2 (10 points) (Chapter 6)

Discuss when the family can be a strong influence on buying behavior regarding the choice of restaurants.

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