Philosophy paper

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I need help writing a philosophy paper.

This is my topic


Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: artistic and literary works, names and symbols used in commerce. Intellectual property protection is important because ideas of people would not lead to the full benefits reaping from the ideas. The purpose of intellectual property rights are to encourage new technologies, inventions and artistic expressions while promoting economic growth. Individuals who come up with original ideas can protect themselves and their concepts through intellectual property rights. My view on the topic is that an idea that isn’t protected is exposed to high risk as no one can claim proper ownership in case the law was to be involved.

Intellectual property rights are applied as either copyrights, patents, or trademarks.

And this is the professor comment about the paper

Okay, good points, but you need to rephrase this into a problem, such as whether it is ethical to copy something online that was created by someone else without their permission or without giving credit to them. Or, is it ethical to download music, videos or other creative works without permission or without paying for them? Or, even if you did pay for them, would it be ethical to share them with others? Focus on a particular type of problem related to intellectual property, then take a position on the problem, and use a good example to illustrate. There are lots of very real examples out there.

Attached is the paper requirement

thank you

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