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read this 2 discussion, and write reply after you read  each of the discussion. 

each discussion need one reply, each reply have to be at least 100 words.


The weekend before the start of the semester, I was turning right onto Valley View from the 95 and I hit the care in front of me. I thought in my head that the care in front had turned right already so I decided to look onto oncoming traffic and pull forward. My right head light hit his back bumper. It was a minor accident and no one was hurt. It wasn’t a great start to the semester however.

Looking at my situation through pure chance, there is a certain number of people that get into a car accident on this particular cross section X amount of times a year. Most likely, the situation that occurred was a statistical probability. On the flip side, I looked at the accident based on non-random variables. I was not on my phone which is a common factor for accidents. I thought about my tiredness level while driving that made me not think or maybe the music was distracting and I didn’t think twice but instead I was singing along. 

Based on my analysis of my car accident, I honestly think that the most plausible was the non-random factors. Driving takes a lot of focus and the least amount of distractions. It was early morning and I may have been tired, not really focusing one hundred percent on my driving. I was not on my phone because I personally choose not to do that but I did have the radio and was singing along. Although there is a probability that I would crash there because of the statistics behind the amount of crashes per year, I believe that was not the case here. 

2:In life we are faced with probability every literal second. There are chances and numbers for everything we do; there is a chance that the Earth will spontaneously implode and kill everyone. It is definitely not a good chance at all, it is extremely unlikely to say the least, but it is a possibility that can occur at any second. But let us look at a more probable number. For instance, everyone has a roughly 1 in 3 chance of getting heart disease. This may be alarming to some, but it is true. Now, if you want to leave it to pure chance and luck, you can live your life with an estimated 70% chance of never getting heart disease, but would you want to just rely on a maybe? Anyone can decrease the chance of getting heart disease. Daily exercise and a good diet are just a few ways you could take the chances into your own hands and put the odds in your own favor. That is why I try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Instead of just relying on my 2 in 3 chance of not getting heart disease, I want to try to make the chance of heart disease even smaller.

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