Persuasive speech

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Write a persuasive speech on why college athletes should be paid. Include a speech outline.

Speech needs to be 6-8 minutes long.

You will verbally cite 5 sources in your speech, and you will cite these sources in the text of your outline, as well as in your reference list, using the American Psychological Association [APA] format.Label and use the Problem-Solution, the Causal, or the Monroe’s Motivational Sequence organizational arrangement/pattern for main points.


  1. Label and use rhetorical appeals/proofs: ethos, pathos, logos, mythos
  2. Label and use one rhetorical device.
  3. Label and use one literary device.
  4. Label and use motivational appeals (one appeal to an audience need; one appeal to an audience value).
  5. Use one instance of reasoning and its parts (deductive, inductive, causal, or analogous).
  6. Be mindful of your context (record your speech with no distractions behind you; a blank wall works well).
  7. Verbally cite your sources within your speech.
  8. Use APA format in your outline (in-text source citations match reference list, and vice versa).

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