Personal Statement for Master’s in Public Health program and also job applications

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i need two versions of one personal statement for my admission to the master’s in public health program at kent state university and also for job application! I have attached two templates that you could also use for ideas if needed!

i will provide some information about me but please go ahead and ask me questions in order to know what to write to make this letter perfect!

Some info about me: i am an international students from Iran but i lived in Dubai my whole life and i moved here to the states alone when i was 18 from Dubai. I had no family or friends here and had to do everything the hard way because of my nationality and not knowing anything about this place and facings racism on a daily basis! The trump sanctions literally broke our back financially too along my depression and anxiety that i had being alone here with all the pressure on me! I am really glad though that i got to experience these things because it made me who i am now and i still graduated with great degree and gpa even though i had all these problems. I know so much more compared to another 24 year old or another student because i have done all of this on my own, i have travelled to 20 more countries around the world and speak 3 languages.

Please ask me more questions about me to use in the personal statement!

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