Peer Review Discussion: Poetry in Motion

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Peer Review Discussion: Poetry in Motion

Turn on your radio, iPod, or Zune. Check out a new band, buy a CD, or open a browser window to Pandora radio.Music is all around us. We love to listen to it, sing with it, and dance to it. Go ahead and listen to your favorite song.Chances are it has lyrics. Go online and look up those lyrics. What do they look like on the page?

You got it? Lyrics and songs are…(wait for it)…poetry.

Poetry is not just words on the page. Poetry is also meant to be a hearing experience, a feast for the ears (and mind).Now that you have written a poem and read a poem from a peer, it’s time to take your poetry to the next level. You get to make your words sing. For the following activity, use the poem you wrote for the Poetic Justice Discussion.

  • Read your poem out loud into a recording device.  Record it several different ways: use different tones of voice, experiment with the dynamics (getting louder and softer), play music behind your poem, or read at different tempos.  Be creative.
  • Find the auditory/vocal performance that best fits with the meaning of your poem.  Record it in Mp3 format.
  • Post the audio file to the Poetry in Motion Discussion.
  • Listen to at least one of the audio files posted by your peers and write a peer review that follows the 4 P’s of peer review (praise, probe, propose, be positive).
  • Read the comments peers provide.

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