Patient dissatisfaction in Healthcare Clinics

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Hi I need a section of my paper done for my Health Communication class. It needs to be 3 pages double spaced, I will put the requirements below.The section of my paper that I need done is creating a problem within my health organization. The problem I chose is patients are dissatisfied with health professional/physicians communication. I need to create 3 different scenarios of how this problem is taking place in my healthcare clinic. DO NOT ADD SOLUTIONS TO THIS PROBLEM, that is for my other partner to do. I was only assigned creating the problem part. This will primarily be creative and your group coming
up with a problem. Please do not Plagiarize!!! APA Citations!


1. Discuss this problem in-depth and tell how it
effects the organization, who works there, the clients/patients who are involved,
and the public and explain why it is a problem.

2. Use 3 Different examples of similar crises that have occurred in organizations to provide support.

3. Include 2-3 sources to support!!!

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