Part 4 of the project

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For this module you will add a page or slide titled “data sources”. In this contribution you will list relevant data sources for informing proper policies and practices in your project’s theme, keeping in mind the context you are addressing and the public health agency you referred to in your second entry. As such, your entry will include:

  1. a list all the data sources you have found using the three approaches described in the lecture and in the chapter (at least 30 words)
  2. a description of how the data sources you have found are accessible (e.g., open access, subscription) (at least 10 words)
  3. an evaluation of the data sources you have found using timeliness, accuracy, sufficiency, relevance, and cost-effectiveness criteria. (at least 30 words)

I have attached the grading rubric and i have attached the last 2 parts you worked on

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