paper on optical illusions in ancient architecture(Greek)

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could you Please help me to writ research paper on optical illusions in ancient architecture. see the file attached for the 

Problem Statement

Ancient Greek architecture plays very important role in establishment and development of modern architectural arts and styles. As the person interested in architecture being the art of constructing new masterpieces, I am inclined to think the ancient Greek civilization made a remarkable input, particularly architecture-related, to the modern outlook of buildings. The key question is whether the ancient Greek architecture is truly present in the modern world, particularly in constructions.

At the same time, many optical illusions are noticed in Greek architecture. The architecture of classic Greece displays a highly developed knowledge of many geometrical optical illusions, and the architects of those far-off centuries thoroughly worked out details for counteracting them. According to Colette Hemingway, the architecture of Greece impresses its preciseness and scale, and it could not be compared with any other one as it appears much earlier than other fully developed countries (Hemingway 2003).


1-How did the geometrical optical illusion in ancient Greek architecture influence the modern architecture?

2-What is the effect of visual corrections on the Greek Columns?


1-To make investigation on development of the ancient Greek civilization on architecture today;

2-To clarify the influence of Greek architecture on visual corrections in the architecture;

3-To observe and study the visual optical illusions in implementation of the columns.


This paper is to examine influence of the ancient Greek architecture and its essential role in establishment and development of the modern architectural arts and styles, and the ever-changing relations of lines and forms, the visual optical illusions obtain, in implementation of the Greek architecture.


The final paper must be typed as outlined above, and stapled in the upper left-

hand corner. All ideas, information, and quotations taken from your sources must be 

footnoted according to the format given in an approved style manual for writers. You 

may use either footnotes or endnotes, and you should include a list of “works cited” at 

the end of your text and notes (a list of sources actually referred to in the text of your 

paper; not a comprehensive bibliography on the topic). Illustrations are an important part 

of the architectural historian’s craft and you should choose and document these 

carefully. Each illustration must be accompanied with your own caption, and a proper 

reference to the source where you found it. If the illustration is your own drawing or 

photograph, you should say so. This assignment is meant to test your interpretive and 

analytical skills, not your design prowess, so please avoid using flashy covers or type-

fonts. The most elegant books all begin as simple, readable print on plain white paper 

organized for a discriminating reader-not a flashy or seductive visual display geared 

toward a consumer of fashion. 

You should assume your reader is someone like you, a good student who has 

gone through a university course on architectural history, and who is familiar with basic 

terminology in the field.  


Type written 2500 words (10 pages, excluding bibliography, credits and 

footnote/endnotes), Double spaced, Minimum 11pt font and 1” margins. Please include 

your name, date and course name and section. Softcopy and hardcopy are required. 

Softcopy: Blackboard, name your word document (lastname_HDE1_PA1.docx).  

Hardcopy: Beginning of class on due date, staple it at the top left hand corner and do 

not submit it within any folders or other binding devices. Just a staple. 

please include the References  

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