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Module 2: Ethics, Emotional Intelligence, and Perception

Leaders use emotional as well as intellectual capabilities and understandings to guide organizations through a turbulent environment and help people feel energized, motivated, and cared for in the face of rapid change, uncertainty, and job insecurity. Leaders can expand the capacities of their minds and hearts through conscious development and practice.

Leaders should be aware of how their mental models affect their thinking and may cause “blind spots” that limit understanding. Becoming aware of assumptions is a first step toward shifting one’s mental model and being able to see the world in new and different ways. Four key issues important to expanding and developing a leader’s mind are independent thinking, open-mindedness, systems thinking, and personal mastery.

As well, values are fundamental beliefs that cause a person to prefer that things be done one way rather than another. One way to think about values is in terms of instrumental and end values. End values are beliefs about the kinds of goals that are worth pursuing, whereas instrumental values are beliefs about the types of behavior that are appropriate for reaching goals. Values also affect an individual’s attitudes. A leader’s attitudes about self and others influence how the leader behaves toward and interacts with followers.

In other words, leadership is no longer about strategic goals and “hitting the numbers – although both are very important – leadership is about understanding your own values, emotional capacities, and perceptions of others. We want to be sure we understand where we stand with regard to our emotional intelligence so we can create a strengths-based team that will meet the goals and objectives of the organization while ensuring personal and professional growth for all who work with us!

Part One – Discussion Questions:
NOTE: there are two parts and types of work for module 2. Pay attention to the directions
Part 1A:
Perception is in the eye of the beholder right?
• Pick 10 people you don’t know; go to the mall, coffee shop, local pub, wherever! Must utilize 3 locations minimum (only one bar, ha). • Write down what they are wearing, how they act, behaviors, and actions…things you notice right away. Make sure you note whether they are male or female and get close to an age range.
• Then, in one word, describe this person. • Finally, one page minimum, double-spaced, reflect on what you learned doing this assignment?

Please put your results and data into the Discussion Question Template. You are welcome to Excel or Tables to load your data. Let me know if you have questions.

Part 1B
Review the Ethics Cases attached below. There are two cases. Answer the questions at the end of each ethics case in the same document you completed part A (please be sure to label all of your work, thank you).

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