Optimizing Pseudocodes

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Part 1: Alice Tutorial

Complete the following tasks:

Programming Project 4 from your textbook Alice 3 in Action with Java.

Create a “springtime” scene that runs for a minute or so, starting with an empty field but ending with the field covered with flowers. The flowers should “grow” out of the ground as your scene plays. Make your program as short as possible by storing the flowers in an array.

Submit the saved Alice World file.

Support your responses with appropriate reasoning.

Part 2: Lists and Arrays in Alice

From the textbook Alice 3 in Action with Java, complete Programming Project 5.

Proceed as in Programming Project 4, but use random-number generation to make the flowers appear in a different order or pattern every time your program is run.

Based upon the Programming Project 4, how well would the program work if it did not utilize an array for the flowers? How do the arrays help?

Does the development of the array in Programming Project 4 effect the development of the Programming Project 5? Does it make it easier or harder to modify?

  • Name your document SU
  • Name the Alice World file from Part 1 as SU
  • Name the Alice World file from Part 2 as SU

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