optima business group case

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There are 5 questions

*Assume that OBG implemented Salesforce.com as their SFA.

1 point each:

  1. Outline which object within Salesforce.com a SS would review before visiting retailers. Outline which object within Salesforce.com a SS would log stock orders.
  2. Which Salesforce.com solution could be utilized for automating the rural market?
  3. Assuming that the OBG is implementing the solution in 2019, what technology would you recommend for the rural market instead of the handheld devices?
  4. What is the largest issue with implementing SFA to the sales people?
  5. What changes to the sales force structure would you recommend?

5 points each:

  1. Analyze the major issues in the sales and distribution system of OBG priorto the SFA implementation. Outline how you would mitigate the issues during implementation.
  2. What are the major issues facing OBG with the rural market? Outline a minimum of 3.


  1. Recommend a development and implementation plan for the rural market.

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