OPMT 2298 UBCO Business Process Improvement Case Study Paper

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For your final assignment, you will need to develop a Business Process Improvement Case Study using Flour Power Organics Case scenario which data and information will be supplied to you.


Using the PDCA method seen in class, produce a complete analysis on a Business Process Improvement that could have a significant impact for Flour Power Organics

Follow the 7 steps as seen in class:

a) Describe the problem (PLAN)

b) Describe Current Process (PLAN)

c) Identify the root cause(s) (PLAN)

d) Develop Solution & Action (PLAN)

e) Implement Solution (DO)

f) Review & Evaluate Results (CHECK)

g) Reflect & Act on Learnings (ACT)

I require that you produce a PowerPoint presentation deck no longer than 20 pages that demonstrate how your improvement will help the organization. Remember that content is far more important than length.

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