Operations Signature Assignment

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Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate mastery of operations management concepts and tools.

Assignment Steps

Develop a 700 to
1,050-word memo to a prospective employer outlining your credentials,
including: taking this class, all of the projects completed for this
class individually and with your team, and their impact on the
businesses you have engaged with so a senior manager reading it would
want to hire you as either an operations consultant or permanent
employee. Avoid using (I, my, me in your memo [exception: you may use of we and/or us “collectively” pertaining to team projects]

Summarize the business case for each project.

Outline what you specifically accomplished, assuming these projects were implemented, and their estimated impacts on the business.

Utilize the learnings from
Week 6 to highlight your skills in global sourcing, procurement, and
outsourcing which can also be of benefit to your target firm.

Format your assignment as if you would be giving a presentation to senior management.

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