operational environment

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Select a foreign subsidiary of American multinationals and assess with documented evidence the subsidiary’s operational environment. Your project should clearly identify the host country of the foreign subsidiary. The final draft of your project must contain a synopsis; an introduction and be able to justify the choice of your subsidiary by assessing the entire business practices and environment of the host country

The company should be Starbucks and the country UK. My parts of the project are the following 2 only. Please use APA style and citation ( 4 references at least)

I. Equity Sharing

Discuss and document the subsidiary’s initiation of joint ventures with nationals. If joint ventures do not exist, give the full details of the subsidiary’s devised successful strategy in the host country. Your input must always document the evidence

II. Participative management

Demonstrate and document that the subsidiary is actively involving nationals, including those in labor organizations or government, in the management of the subsidiary. Give benchmarks to illustrate your ideas. For instance report the number of nationals who are involved in the middle or upper management of the subsidiary and the advantages of such leadership strategy.

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