Oil prices and stocks (how oil prices affects the stock market)

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these are the guidelines please follow them carefully its a final research paper and i should take almost a 100 on it, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more clarification. you will need to use a specific data base for the recourses. which is the college database, this is my user name: daa2113 password: Dd101307

go to My nova and sign in with my username and password , choose Library services , Articles , then start your research.

This essay asks you to analyze an argument and also include your own argument. This project will involve research on a particular topic, and we will use it as a vehicle for you to review skills such as finding and evaluating research sources, integrating evidence, use of quotation, and writing to an audience.

You will find especially helpful the readings in From Critical Thinking to Argument Chapters 6, 7, as well as Chapters 3 (touches on deduction, induction, and fallacy) and 9 (provides more in-depth discussion of logician’s view of argument.) You will also find helpful Hacker and Sommers’ Rules for Writers. As such, I have referenced some of the specific rules you can apply in the Essay guidelines found below.

Assignment overview: You will write a research-based analysis of 1500-2000 words (6-8 pages, not including works cited page), MLA Formatted (Times New Roman, 12-point font), This paper will allow you to evaluate arguments being made about a topic that interests you while also considering your own opinion. You should choose a topic that is narrow enough in scope that you can research it with reasonable thoroughness in the allotted time and do research on it. You must integrate at least five (5) well-evaluated and well-researched sources. You should analyze the arguments that authors are making from a logical point of view, while also including your own opinion. You might choose to agree with the author(s), disagree, or come to see value in both opinions. You might include in your analysis a consideration of types of biases the author might have.

Essay guidelines: 

Once you have decided on your topic, you should draft a research question (Hacker, rule 53a) that will provide a clear focus for both your research itself and the essay that you will write. Having formulated your research question, you should then determine (1) where to look (Hacker, rule 53b) for appropriate information that would help you answer your question (what library sources? What online sources?) and (2) what kind of original research (Hacker, rule 53g) you might do to produce additional information (observations? Interviews? Surveys? etc.)

Regarding structure your essay must include the following:

  1. An informative title
  2. An introduction (Hacker, rule 2a) that provides relevant context for your research and introduces its purpose. In other words, it states the problem or issue, states the claim or thesis. It suggests the organization of the essay, giving the reader a “roadmap.”
  3. A series of paragraphs that present a synthesis (Hacker, rule 58c) of the information you’ve found or otherwise produced in your research, analyzed in a way that emphasizes its meaning or significance. These paragraphs should support the claim, offer evidence, face objections to the claim and offer reasonable responses.
  4. A conclusion (Hacker, rule 2c) that summarizes your key findings and judgments about the information included. For example, your conclusion could indicate that the proposed solution is relatively simple; it could admit that, while difficult may be difficult to implement, it is feasible; or it could remind the reader of the urgency of the problem.

Formatting Instructions

Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, as well as MLA style for formatting your paper. Document your essay fully and appropriately according to current MLA guidelines, using proper in-text citations and a works cited page (Hacker, rule 59).

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