Oct 9 dis 2018

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Two Parts

Review the legal requirements for ethical behavior in Chapter 4 (pp. 95-113) and choose a position about whether ethics in business are over regulated or not regulated enough.

1) If you think ethics are over regulated, identify a specific law or regulation from the text and describe how you would change it.

If you think ethics are not regulated enough, describe how you would strengthen one of the existing laws or regulations described in the text.

In either case, choose from the material on pp. 95-113. Any of the laws (regulations) can be used, except for Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (those are covered in the Complete assignment).

Be specific about the changes you would make, and explain how your proposals would result in a better balance.

Defend your position with evidence using citations and references that follow APA guidelines. To follow university guidelines, a minimum of two scholarly sources are required and the initial post should be a minimum of 250 words. Details about acceptable sources are posted in the course policies in the Unit One Course Materials.

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