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Social and Emotional Development

1. Behavior with adults

Did you see the child take leave of the parent in the morning? Describe:

Does the child seek the companionship of adults in preference to children? Does the child have an attachment to a particular adult?

How does the child seek adult approval and help?

Does the child accept adults’ suggestions and redirection? What is the child’s response to limits set by adults?

2. Behavior with other children

How does the child enter group play, e.g., immediately joins in or stands and observes first? Describe the child’s behavior in group play (e.g., leader, follower, both?)

Does the child seem to prefer to play alone? Describe and compare the child’s behavior with that of the other children. During what activities does the child prefer to play alone?

Does the child tend to play with a particular friend(s)? Describe.

When this child and another do not agree, what does the child do? (e.g., give in, compromise, holler for help, etc.)

3. Expression of feelings

How does the child show feelings of happiness and unhappiness? What other feelings did you see the child express?

How does the child show affection for another child or adult?

Did you see the child attempt to hurt another child either verbally or physically? What

seemed to be the provocation? How was the situation handled?

Did you see the child respond to frustration, such as having to wait for a toy? What did the child do?

4. Activity #3: Please use plan an activity that supports children’s interactions with each other.

Part II: The Activitiy

Based on your Specific DevelopmentalDomain Social and Emotional Development

and reflecting on the children’s interests,

you will plan an activity to do with a child or small group of children.

After getting

your planning guide approved by your lead teacher

, you will actually

implement the activity during your scheduled hours.


a. Identify the observed interests of the children that precipitated the


b. Title and description of the activity

c.Materials needed and description of how to make/organize activity

d. How will the activity be presented or sharedwith the children?

Part III: Evaluate your activity afterwards:

a.Describe in detail how the children participated in your activity. Use

some of their actual words in wrtitng your description of ttheir participation.

b. What questions do you have about the children’s reactions?

c. How did you feel about the experience? What could be done differently

the nexttime you share in this activity with children?

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