nutrition discussion water water everywhere which one safe to drink

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1 original post (About 300 words), and 2 replies (about 150 words) for each are need.

For this discussion:

  • Do you feel any differently about the benefits of bottled water?
  • Which water would you drink? Tap? or Bottled? Tap using a Brita or Pur brand filter?
  • Did you learn anything new from any of the above information?
  • How might your choice of water be affected by this information?
  • What do you know about Bisphenyl A (BPA) in the bottled water you purchase? What advantage might there be using BPA-free plastic? Use this information for the next discussion, while viewing videos about water (the next discussion is extra credit, but the videos are worthwhile although one (Annie Leonard) is a bit over the top, though quite factual.
  • What is your view of the potential future of regulations? Do you think politics will play a part/impact water regulations?

I strongly urge the class to participate in the next discussion, which is where we can all further the conversation with news events such as those in Flint Michigan’s polluted (lead) river, and also some “localized” areas within the country also facing pollutants in the water table.

Feel free to also google valid web sites for more information on information you may post. Even more has happened to the EPA, much not positive. Save any comments about Flint, MI for Discussion 13. Again, I hope everyone makes time to view the documentary and valuable information links.

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