Nutrition assignment

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Choose a food item that you ordinarily consume, and analyze the Nutrition Facts Panel (including the ingredients) to determine its nutritional quality [see the “Tools of a Healthy Diet” lecture]. Based on your analysis, decide whether this is a healthy choice or not. If you decide that this is not a nutritious food, could you recommend a substitute in your diet? This should be a 1-page report (max), submitted to the assignment Make sure to include a copy of this food’s Nutrition Facts Panel (including ingredients). If you are unable to attach the label electronically, you can send me a typed version of the label along with your report.

For this assignment, do not just regurgitate the nutrition facts label of your product (i.e. “this product has 100 calories and 5% of vitamin A). That can simply be read off the label itself. When completing this assignment, ask yourself:

“Can any nutrient claims be made about this product?” “What’s the most abundant ingredient?” “How much of this product is made up of sugar or saturated fat,” “How much salt is in this product”, “Do I recognize these ingredients as something Mother Nature made or something that sounds like it came from a chemistry class?” You should show me that you know how to calculate percentages (discussed in lecture). The daily value % (DV% listed on the nutrition facts label) is not the same as what % of this product is made up of sugar, fat, etc

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