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150 words no references. This is a response to a peer

Since the very beginning, research has been a big part of the CRNA profession. We can find great examples in Alice Magaw, who is known as the “Mother of Anesthesia,” and Agatha Hodgins, who founded the AANA (“Timeline of AANA,” 2017).  Although the times have changed, research continues to be an important aspect of the AANA. The AANA Foundation was created for this very purpose! “The AANA Foundation funds scholarships, doctoral fellowships, post-doctoral fellowships, research grants, general poster sessions, oral “State of the Science” poster sessions and doctoral mentorships, all for the purpose of advancing the science of anesthesia through education and research” (“About the Foundation,” 2017). As a student at Barry’s CRNA program, I have the opportunity to partake in all of these things. The AANA Foundation’s logo properly states “Proof is Power.” “Important research doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of hard work, bright minds, and most of all, the generosity of donors to the AANA Foundation who believe in the power of research-driven evidence to make a difference” (“Proof is Power,” 2017). Without research, other organization such as the ASA will continue to produce fake news about CRNAs. Some of the great research articles written to prove the importance of CRNAs to the anesthesia profession include “No Harm Found When Nurse Anesthetists Work Without Supervision By Physicians” and “Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Anesthesia Providers.” One can find many more researched articles produced by CRNAs in the AANA’s website. To say that CRNAs are “inferior” to anesthesiologists is simply ignorance! CRNAs read the same anesthesia books and practice the same anesthetic techniques as anesthesiologists to provide safe and effective anesthesia care. Furthermore, many CRNA’s have or are actively pursuing their doctorate degree in anesthesia research and care. I also strongly disagree with my colleague’s comment that the AANA needs to “start writing and circulating the research articles to prove otherwise.” There are plenty of research articles produced by CRNAs and many more continue to be produced. I would recommend my colleague, and the community at large, to actually take time to read the articles published by CRNA’s and the AANA Foundation. As more CRNAs are granted the opportunity to practice independently to the full extent of their training, I believe the stigma of nurses being inferior to doctors will soon change.

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