Nurse Educator interview

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Following the assignment guidelines below, you will submit a written reflection paper on your nurse educator interview.

Assignment Guidelines

Your interview paper should include:

  • Who does the interviewee teach?

  • What does your interviewee teach and where?

  • Trends and changes in nursing education as experienced by the person you interviewed.

  • A reflection that compares your interview data to class readings and the literature that you reviewed prior to conducting the interview (pay special attention to trends, themes, concepts, and changes in nursing education)

  • What you learned as a result of this assignment

  • A conclusion discussing your personal thoughts, opinions, views, and insights related to the specific area of nursing education of your interviewee

Your paper should be at least 3 pages (excluding the cover and reference pages), typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1″ margins. Your paper should be written in APA format (6th edition) with correct spelling and grammar and include references as appropriate.

* I attached the Interview questions and answers

You can elobrate on the answers, please include th 6 assignment guidelines in the paper

Nurse Educator interview
Nurse Educator interview Crystal Castillo, ARNP An advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) Pathophysiology 5 years May 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm 11questions Why did you become interested in education? I became interested in nursing education while I was in nursing school. I had the opportunity to peer tutor and realized how different students learn at different levels, which in turn inspired my passion for teaching. Why did you select education as a career path? To help students find their passion for nursing and guide them. Steps you took to become a nurse educator? A little trial and error, While I had the passion to teach, I also had a strong desire to continue patient care. I pursued my MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner, where I knew I could have the best of both worlds. In what school have you taught? Chamberlain College of Nursing What class and students did you? Pathophysiology, BSN students Favorite thing about teaching? The moment when I see a student really understand what was taught. Least favorite thing about teaching? The road that leads to “ getting it”, students get frustrated and want to give up. I take this opportunity to motivate them. 8.What is your teaching philosophy? To make something that seems incredibly complex and monumental to my students fell simple and effortless. I use algorithms, videos, and demonstrations to anchor students foundation. 9.What were your teaching goals? To grow knowledgeable compassionate, self assured nurses. 10.How did you know your met the academic goal? When my students were able to present the material they learned in confident manner using their own words and ideas. 11. Most effective teaching strategy? Facilitator and activity style, I enjoyed getting the students engaged in the material they were learning.

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