New York Institute of Technology Entity Relationship Diagramming Discussion

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Entity Relationship Diagramming

For each scenario below you are to create a complete and accurate entity-relationship diagram.
• In your documentation, please start each new problem on a new page.
• Label the problem number and re-state what you are doing for the problem (as an introduction to your ERD). DO NOT just copy and paste the problem text. Instead, write a single complete paragraph in your own words that introduces the problem and its characteristics (the entities…you don’t need to list the attributes in your introduction).
• You will draw your ERD using DIA, VISIO, or other diagramming software. Take a screen shot of the finished diagram and include it in your document below the introductory paragraph. You may rotate the diagram 90 degree and/or use a new page to make it fit. Remember that clarity and readability are important.

Problem #1 – The Cumberlands Baseball League wants to maintain information about its teams, coaches, players, and bats. The information about players is historical. For each team, the league wants to keep track of all of the players who have ever played on the team, including the current players. For each player, it wants to know about every team the player ever played for. Coach affiliation and bat information is current only (not tracking historical data).
The CBL league wants to keep track of each team’s team number, which is unique, its name, the city in which it is based, and the name of its manager. Coaches have a name (which is assumed to be unique only within its team) and a telephone number. Coaches have units of work experience that are described by the type of experience and the number of years of that type of experience. Bats are described by their serial numbers (which are unique only within a team) and their manufacturer’s name. Players have a player number that is unique across the league, a name, and a date of birth.

A team has at least one and usually several coaches.
A coach works for only one team. Each coach has several units (years) of work experience or may have none. Each unit of work experience is associated with the coach to whom it belongs.
Each team owns at least one and generally many bats.

Currently and historically, each team has and has had many players. To be of interest to the league, a player must have played on at least one and possibly many teams during his career.
Further, the league wants to keep track of the number of years that a player has played on a team and the batting average that he compiled on that team.

Problem #2 – Cumberland Cruise Lines (CCL) has several ships and a variety of cruise itineraries,
each involving several ports of call. The company wants to maintain information on the sailors
who currently work on each of its ships.

CCL also wants to keep track of both its past and future cruises and of the passengers who
sailed on the former and are booked on the latter.

Each ship has at least one and, of course, normally many sailors on it. The unique identifier of
each ship is its ship number. Other ship attributes include ship name, weight, year built, and
passenger capacity. Each sailor has a unique sailor identification number, as well as a name,
date of birth, and nationality. Some of the sailors are in supervisory positions, supervising
several other sailors. Each sailor reports to just one supervisor.

A cruise is identified by a unique cruise serial number. Other cruise descriptors include a sailing
date, a return date, and a departure port (which is also the cruise’s ending point). Clearly, a
cruise involves exactly one ship; over time a ship sails on many cruises, but there is a
requirement to be able to list a new ship that has not yet sailed on any cruises at all. Each
cruise stops for at least one and usually several ports of call, each of which is normally host to
many cruises, over time.

In addition, the company wants to maintain information about ports that it has not yet used in
its cruises but may use in the future. A port is identified by its name and the country it is in.
Other information about a port includes its population, whether a passport is required for
passengers to disembark there, and its current docking fee, which is assumed to be the same
for all ships.

Passenger information includes a unique passenger number, name, home address, nationality,
and date of birth. A cruise typically has many passengers on it (Certainly at least one). Hoping
for return business, the company assumes that each passenger may have sailed on several of its
cruises (and/or may be booked for a future cruise). For a person to be of interest to the
company, he or she must have sailed on or be booked on at least one of the company’s cruises.
The company wants to keep track of how much money each passenger paid (or will pay) for
each of their cruises, as well as their satisfaction rating of the cruise, if it has been completed.

You have everything, as mentioned in question draw your ERD using DIA, VISIO, or other diagramming software. 

Take a screen shot of the finished diagram and include it in your 

document below the introductory paragraph.Please provide answer as per instructions

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