neuroscience of conflict and communication

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Part 1:

Identify a minimum of one main point/main idea that resonated with you from each TED talks and article. Explain the point(s) in your own words, and why you chose them. Make sure you also identify a point of resonance from all four readings/video.

a) The Neuroscience of Conflict

b) Neuroplasticity/Ted Talks

c) Americans Don’t Need Reconciliation…

d) The Dying Art of Disagreement…

Part 2:

After considering the context in both Ted Talks and discussing the articles that have been assigned, consider the conventions of Audience and Tone in both F2F interpersonal communication as well as in writing.

What does audience and tone have to do with Emotional Intelligence? What kinds of things might you need to consider regarding audience, purpose, and tone when making your points as a writer, speaker, and thinker?

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