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I am looking for the project related to networking. sending data packets safely through routers and switches. should be new and no plagiarism. 25 pages minimum.

 Title page 

  1. introduction
  2.   (Optional) Abstract
  3.   Table of Contents
  4.   Introduction
  a.   Brief, clearly written description of the project.
  b.   Purpose of the project: the problem or question being investigated, solved, or researched.
  c.   Scope of the research: brief overview of the remainder of the paper.
  5.   Body
  a.   Sections identified in the project outline and approved by the Professor.
  b.   The content of the body must be logically organized.
  c.   The body must contain or integrate the content and evaluation of related literature.
  d.   There should be a minimal amount of quotations; summarizing and paraphrasing are preferred.
  6.   Conclusion
  a.   Summary of research results and/or conclusions without repeating previous statement.
  7.   References
  a.   There must be at least five scholarly references used. There is no maximum limit on the number of scholarly references.
  8.   (Optional) Appendices
  a.   May contain detailed information or data that is summarized in the body of the report.
  b.   May contain supplemental diagrams or documents that are discussed in detail in the body of the report.
  c.   May contain a glossary of explanations and definitions of acronyms and abbreviations.

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