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View the following seven videos on You Tube:


I Pencil the movie

I Pencil extended commentary:  spontaneous order

I Pencil:  creative destruction

I Pencil:  Connectivity

Milton Friedman I Pencil

I Smart Phone

Entrepreneur as Hero, by Norberg (on Vimeo)


Analysis (5 points in total): 

describe how the videos relate and compare to marketing topics in the textbook and in the lecture, “What is marketing.”  Each analysis will be ½ page.  Each analysis must reference a separate topic.



The total assignment will comprise 7 pages double-spaced in 12-point type.


Keep in mind this is not a research paper.  The only sources should be the lectures, the textbook and the videos listed above.  Your analysis should be specific and reference page numbers in the textbook or slide numbers from the lecture.  

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