Need more information added to current paper returned by instructor

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I don’t need a full re-write on the paper I’ve attached, but I need more specific information regarding generating revenue, CRM, SCM, competitors, ect. integrated into the paper. The more technical terms used, the better. Here is the quote from the instructor on returned paper:
“In the week one you had picked a specific eCommerce business mode that would sell athletic clothing for women.
In this milestone you should have specifically address each area pertaining that selection. I don’t see it being the case here. You analyzed all components in generic terms . I am returning this paper so you can resubmit again. Please be specific about how you project revenue, competitors and CRM, SCM, etc.”

Here is the Module instructions and the attached paper I’ve already submitted.

Option #2: Business Model, SCM, and CRM

Using the organization that you selected in Module 1, propose and detail how your startup eCommerce business will approach the following:

  1. Organization’s business model
    1. Market share
    2. Customer base
    3. Revenue
    4. Competitors
  2. SCM
  3. CRM

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