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It is likely that you will need to read my outline and visual aid that has been already completed to somehow answer the questions below, under Formal Presentation Tactics.

In this link you will find a copy of my final project outline. MAN-373-Final Project OUTLINE.docx 

In this link you will find a visual aid (my powerpoint) MAN-373-WA5 PowerPoint Presentation-Donna Ragland.pptx 

Directions: please read and answer the question under formal presentation tactics

Formal Presentation Tactics:

Carefully evaluate the content of your final project outline. Prepare a professional two-or-three paragraph summary detailing any considerations associated with a formal presentation on this topic.

Consider issues such as:

  • the mix, level and type of audience
  • delivery tips, including nonverbal ones
  • a plan for the type of presentation
  • use of visual aid


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