Need help with global climate change questions(Andrew Desslers introduction to modern climate change)?

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Directions: Read Ch. 1 in Andrew Dessler’s Introduction to Modern Climate Change, then answer these

questions from the text and from the video lecture. Use complete sentences with correct grammar and

spelling. Proper writing and clarity of thoughts are important in getting full credit.

1) Be creative and come up with a good analogy for trying to explain to someone who has no idea

(maybe your great uncle or your friend in another major) what the differences between weather,

climate, and climate change are. (6)

2) What are four other weather variables, other than air temperature, that may be important when

studying climate change? (4)

3) What is the best way to determine whether or not a scientific claim is valid? What is the problem

with relying on your own personal experiences for determining whether you think a scientific claim

is valid in climate science? (6)

4) Please summarize Figure 1.1 from Dessler (textbook) in your own words in no more than 3

sentences. (3)

5) Describe the differences between the three temperature scales of Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit.

How does 1 degree increase of Celsius differ from one degree increase of Fahrenheit (4)

6) What is the area from 30°S to 30°N called? 30°N to 60°N? 60°N to the North Pole?What area does the majority of the continental U.S. fall under? (5) [Note: Continent location relative to location in Fig. 1.2 is actually wrong; It is just demonstrating what latitude and longitude are.]

7) On a map, all major lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole, intersect at the North Pole

and South Pole, and determine a point’s East/West location on a map are called lines of __________. Lines that run parallel from east to west but determine a point on a map’s North/South location onna map are called lines of ____________. (2)

8) Self-reflection exercise (minimum length=200 words): (10)

Currently, when you hear about any debate on climate change, it is referring to more specifically

humans being the main reason for causing this most recent global warming observed within the last

century. To the best of your ability, summarize your own unique story of being exposed to the

climate change debate or the concept of climate change in general.

a) Do your current political or religious beliefs influence your perception of the concept of global

climate change and/or global warming?

b) Dessler defines the termopinion leader. Have you ever been influenced by opinion leadersregarding your stance on climate change? If so, who? Family members? Friends? PoliticalLeaders?

c)Do you thing humankind should be concerned with climate change?

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