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For this essay, you are being asked to rhetorically analyze an author’s argument. Using a text that I provide about Collin Kaepernick and the nike ad controversy. It should be argumentative, and at least one page single-spaced—you will need to identify specific rhetorical strategies the author is using and evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies and the text overall. Use examples from the text to clarify your explanation. This essay should be 4-5 pages long and in MLA format. Successful essays will identify and analyze specific rhetorical strategies/decisions/appealswithin your text and put forth a supported evaluation of the text’s effectiveness. You may choose to examine the appeals to logos in the text. Or, you may choose to examine all three appeals (logos, pathos, ethos) in the essay. Or, you may choose to analyze logical fallacies presented in the essay. Or, you may analyze the author’s use of imagery as a strategy.


-Generally introduce your topic

-Introduce the text. Mention the title, author, publication, audience, and main claim.

-Focus your essay with a clear thesis indicating what you will be writing about. (Your thesis will be your determination of the text’s effectiveness.)

-Summarize the author’s argument (in a second paragraph)

Supporting Paragraph

-Identify the rhetorical strategy/decision/appeal within the text by providing specific quotes—in MLA format—that serve as an example of this strategy. Clearly label quote as a particular strategy or appeal.

-Analyze the quote to prove your evaluation of the text. Is the example effective or ineffective? Why? How does the reader react to the quote? How does this help or hurt the author’s case? What is the impact of this passage? How would the text be more or less successful if this passage was changed? Etc.


-Add relevance to your writing by commenting on how this text has changed/influenced your overall views on the topic (or in another way you see fit).

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