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Assignment 1

Select one of these three philosophers (Rousseau, Locke, Hobbes) and write a 1 page paper in which you analyze the significant ways in which their ideas differ from those at work in modern democracies. What could we gain from following their ideas more closely, and what might be dangerous if we did so?


assignment 2

In the workplace, we may hear a statement, joke, or remark that is unkind or inappropriate. Often the speaker might appear to do so in a way that is not intended to offend, but comes from other experiences or lack of awareness as to how they may be received.

It is up to you as a manager to set the tone for how these comments are countered in order to create an inclusive environment.

Choose one of the statements below (clearly identify in your work which statement you chose).

  • “We don’t serve those people here.” (Reference to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender clients)
  • “He should go back to his own country.” (Reference to someone of a different race)
  • “She just slows us down.” (Reference to a disabled worker)
  • “Why doesn’t he retire already!” (Reference to an older employer)

In a 2 page paper, suggest some ways in which you would professionally respond if you heard the comment by your subordinate in the employee lounge. Include how you might approach the employee (immediately, privately etc.). Provide specific comments that you might use in your discussion and consider how the individual might defend their actions. What further conversation might this lead to?

Explain the ethical and legal (if any) implications if statements such as the one you chose would continue. What might be lost in your workplace if the statements are allowed? 
Include at least one resource you could use to help your conversation. Identify whether there is a legal guideline to share with your employee.


assignment 3


attached is the case

Review the Sherwood Manufacturing case again, and in a 2 page paper include the following:

  • Provide two or more detailed alternatives (regarding Miranda not being considered for the promotion) for Bob and Kelly to consider. Compare and contrast the alternatives, identifying the expected outcome of each.
  • What are the legal guidelines and ethical implications to consider?
  • What form of discrimination (individual, structural, or institutional), if any, do you believe is taking place at Sherwood Manufacturing?

assignment 4

use the same attached paper for this one also

Review the Sherwood Manufacturing case again and consider what you have learned about organizational cultures respecting diversity. In a 2 page paper:

  • Describe the elements of an organizational culture and how it might impact an organization to be considered inclusive.
  • Next, describe what you believe Sherwood’s organizational culture is currently.
  • Finally, consider what you believe would be an “ideal” inclusive organizational culture for Sherwood. Be specific and include as many aspects of the culture as possible.
    • Include what steps could be taken by Sherwood to meet this ideal culture.
    • Be creative as you apply what you have studied is important in order to demonstrate your understanding of how organizational culture can enhance a workforce’s goal of inclusivity.
  • Additional research is required for this assignment.


assignmet 5

Research two or more organizations’ corporate websites and examine their organizational culture in regards to diversity. In a 2 page, APA formatted paper, compare and contrast these organizations and identify several strengths and weaknesses of each. From your analysis determine which you believe to be the more inclusive culture and why.





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