Need a Research paper talking about nonverbal communication in the workplace

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Here is the professor prompt:

Research Paper

  • The objective of this paper is to conduct research on a specific topic related to nonverbal communication. You can choose to examine a particular subcode/channel and how it applies in a specific communication context, such as the importance of touch (haptics) in the family, or you can choose to examine the role of nonverbal communication in a specific situation, such as the importance of nonverbals in the courtroom. You are encouraged to choose a topic that interests you!
  • Your paper must include a minimum of five academic sources, other than our text.
  • Your paper must be between 2,200 and 3,000 words. Please note that the word count does not include your title page or references page.
  • Your sources should be documented within the paper using parenthetical documentation, and on the references page using APA style.
  • As this is a research paper, any discussion of your opinions and experiences should be kept to a minimum. You should also not rely too heavily on quotations. Your role is to synthesize and summarize your findings.
  • This paper is worth 150 points.

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